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about he said to her, "let me show you. Take my hand." He led her to his car, and they began their evening. Buildings sparkled as they sped down the highway. They breathed in the cool, evening air, while the city around them was sinking deeper and deeper into a sordid state. The glint of neon danced across his eyes while she stared at him, and she suggested that they get a drink. Minutes after they arrived, a stunningly handsome couple walked in and sat at the bar across from them. The woman was modestly dressed in a skirt and floral print blouse, yet her height and sharp features commanded attention. The man was almost as tall as her, and was wearing a well-tailored suit. They talked for a while with the couple and learned that they were hosting an art show at their apartment later that night. They agreed to go.

After a couple of hours and a few bars later, they looked up the address and drove to their destination. Questions exploded through their minds when they reached the driveway of the exotic couple's apartment ; they were both still in a mild state of shock after seeing the gross opulence that saturated the neighborhood. Tentatively, they stepped up the wide staircase that led to the massive, sleek white apartment building. The couple's apartment was on the first floor and was easily seen because of the two elegant pillars that framed the hulking double wooden doors. He reached for the door bell and pushed it firmly.

The woman from the bar answered almost immediately. She looked different, donning a long, graceful silken dress, which flowed gracefully off of her skin. She welcomed them in, and upon entering, they noticed many other people had already arrived, and some even appeared to be leaving. The woman turned to them and said, "do you enjoy music?" She placed herself at an enormous, sleek black piano, and began to play a sweet song that reverberated throughout the apartment. The couple looked at each other, smiled faintly, knowingly, and stepped onto the spacious, white marble dance floor. The husband appeared and sat next to his wife at the piano, closing his eyes and swaying with the tune. The invited few danced among what art remained.


In the morning, everyone awoke in their own beds. They readied themselves for work, ate lunch in their cars, went to the bank, and watched Sitcoms® late at night. Life for everyone continued as though nothing had happened.


released August 26, 2016




T H R E E Daytona Beach, Florida

All donations will go towards fighting human trafficking. Thanks for enjoying the music. Love for all <3
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